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About Us

Blue storm is a working witchcraft group currently with 7 members we are a working Coven we are based on the south coast of England and  we all come together to carry out rituals and spells to help others, sometimes for ourselves, and the community at large. Because this site is run by a group of working clairvoyants and white witches, some of us work within the psychic fields full time and others have more what people would consider "normal" jobs you may find that you do not always get the same person replying to you each time. However that doesn't affect confidentiality as everything you tell is is highly confidential at all times.


We have been working together for many years now, but the website is relatively new, and has been in existence for about 9 years, which I suppose is quite a long time these days for a website!. Samhain 2003 to be precise. Sometimes known an the witches New Year!! it seemed fitting for us to choose this day:)


Because this website is run by a group of people and not one particular person, and is not a commercial site as such, there are no set "office" hours.  However we make sure that you will always get a quick response, and as we all live within close proximity to each other and message can be passed on to the relevant clairvoyant or white witch if the need arises urgently.  Alternatively an e-mail can be sent for the attention of that person and they should get back to you the same day.  Our aim is to give you an all-round service at a very reasonable rate and not to make things more difficult for you. We have recently received a lot of requests to join our Coven, unfortunately we are not able to take new teaching members and are not planning to expand our membership at this time. If this changes and we are able to take on new members will will contact those who have asked us about teaching or joining first and then post a notice on this website.

At Blue storm everybody who works for us from this web site is a member of the blue storm group which is a working witchcraft group, we practise white magic which is of a highly positive intent, and we only work from a path of light positive energy.