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I am Laura, I am a psychic and tarot reader and I offer same day psychic readings as well as a choice of other types of readings, psychic tarot and angel cards. I am a natural clairvoyant, psychic tarot reader, white witch and transformational relationship specialist as well as a natural spiritual healer and Reiki Master. I offer accurate psychic readings by email from just £14, I also offer Telephone psychic and tarot readings where time permits and they are priced at £30. My psychic help is genuine and heatfelt. I dont offer false hope, just guidance for the way forward. A little light in the darkness when all seems lost. If your situation is extremely urgent and you need your e-mail reading more quickly than this I can usually arrange to do that as long as I know in advance, same day readings can be booked before 2pm Monday to Friday and your reading will be delivered to your inbox the same day. 

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On saturdays it needs to be booked before 12 noon. It is certainly worth asking about a same day reading if that is your need, even if it is after those times, I will always help if I can-please see below, I will do all I can to accommodate you. I'm an approachable, cheerful, sincere, and genuine psychic. My psychic e-mail readings below are available as same day readings when ordered before 2pm.

My longer readings and the relationship reading are usually completed within 3-4 days, at the outside I would suggest you would wait no longer than 4 days. My intention is always to help light your path ahead, whether that help involves a guiding hand through one of my phone readings, an online psychic e-mail reading, or whether you choose a more traditional postal psychic reading, that choice is yours, but I aim to bring you individual and supportive psychic advice.

All of my psychic readings are carried out as if you are sitting here in front of me, I usually use tarot cards within my readings, but as I am an experienced natural psychic clairvoyant, I can equally accurately carry out your reading just using psychic ability and without the use of any tools or cards. These readings are pure clairvoyance readings and they are equally well detailed.

Same day psychic and tarot readings are available. Ask 1 Question for £16 Your reading will be with you the same day Mon-Fri before 2pm. Sat 12 noon* pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

Ask 2 Questions for £25. Your reading will be with you the same day Mon-Fri before 2pm. Sat 12 noon* pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

Same day psychic and tarot readings are available. Ask 4 Questions for £35 Your reading will be with you the same day Mon-Fri before 2pm. Sat 12 noon* pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

I work full-time as a psychic and tarot reader, and from home, I am an independent psychic, not a company, this brings a high level of privacy and individuality to my spiritual work. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any queries or questions.I fully understand that sometimes an urgent problem just cannot wait, and with things going over and over in your mind you would be seeking a rapid response for your e-mail psychic reading. Some problems simply cannot wait, and I will do all I can to cater for those urgent situations, please just make me aware of this at the start.

My phone readings are by fixed price and when available they can be booked online. No extra charges will be added and this reading ensures you get as long as you need for your psychic reading without worrying about hidden charges. As a guide your psychic reading will be at least 20 minutes minimum. No hidden or extra charges, no cons, no gimmicks, no false hope, just straightforward help, guidance and psychic direction.  I will always ensure all your questions are answered during your reading and advice for your current situation and the way forward will be given. e-mail psychic readings are also available and are suitable for those in between times with guidance for the way forward.

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Special offer reading £32 Clairvoyant reading which can incorporate Tarot if you prefer- 4 questions. This reading is ideal when you just have more questions that need answering. Incredible value!

The readings below are same day online readings when ordered before 2pm

SAME DAY PSYCHIC & TAROT READINGS £16 , £25 & £35  before 2pm Mon-Fri. *Saturday 12 noon

Clairvoyant tarot reading - 1 question.Ideal to get a feel for my way of reading, or when you just have a quick question that needs answering. This is a 48 hour reading  Just £14

Clairvoyant reading incorporating Tarot - 2 questions. This is completed within 3-4 days This reading is ideal when you just have more questions that need answering. This is completed within 3-4 days. Just £20

I have many years of experience in private practice within the psychic world and I always believe in being gentle but honest with my clients. It is not helpful to just tell people what they would like to hear, and although on occasions the answers that I bring you are not what you were really hoping to hear, that advice will always be brought through gently and in a caring manner. I will never try to frighten you or scare you with your reading, and all readings are from the light.

I have been carrying out psychic readings for many years now, and more recently by e-mail. Being a natural psychic and experienced tarot reader but also having years of life experience helps me to identify with you and your problems or worries and concerns. Each person that comes to me is treated as an individual, and your reading will be as individual as you are. I have studied the tarot in great depth and hold diplomas in psychic development and the tarot, I read on a very spiritual and intuitive level. During my psychic readings and online tarot reading I also work with angelic energies. This helps to bring a different dimension to my readings and people often comment on the healing energy that comes through at this time too. Although my work is not "fortune-telling" I do look to the future during readings to give guidance and help for the way forward. You may find that one of my psychic e-mail readings is just what you are looking for, I can also offer the readings by post and when time permits on the telephone, I do get booked up quickly.

I have studied the relationship between soul mates as part of my psychic work and this is often an area that comes up during the course of my readings. I also offer specialist relationship help online through my readings, and this can be done with or without  tarot cards. I am one of the longest established psychics online, working full-time to offer you accurate email readings direct to your inbox.I always make sure that I offer value for money, and I'm an internationally known UK psychic. If you would like my help and advice then please share your concerns with me, and I will do my best to help you. Please be as truthful as open as you can be and I will be honest with you in return. I offer a genuine service to people who need my help. I don't pull any punches and I do not believe in giving false hope I will help you to see a way forward through your troubles and I always look for a positive!  We all shape our own destiny but sometimes need a helping hand to get started. 

During my online psychic tarot readings I like to offer insight and guidance and I hope to help to light your path ahead. I am an experienced clairvoyant and tarot reader with lifetime experience as well as spiritual experience. Whilst working with you I also call upon the Angels and any spirit guides that step forward, these could be my guides or your guides and they usually have some input whilst I am carrying out your online or postal psychic reading.

All of my online work is carried out as quickly as possible, usually this is within 3-4 days. Same-day readings are also avaialable as above. And by request. 

My psychic and tarot readings are very reasonably priced, whichever reading you choose my intention is always to help you and guide you on your life path, helping to see the best way forward and what your options are likely to be and the possible outcomes from those choices. If you choose an email reading or postal consultation this will mean you have a copy to refer to time and time again.

I cover all subjects during my reading apart from health/well-being and pregnancy related questions. 

All of my psychic and tarot readings are available by e-mail or post, e-mail readings start from £9, and postal readings are available at the same prices. For cases of true hardship please ask me about a donation reading, genuine help for all of those in need, this is a postal service. I will use all of my skills and experience to bring you an honest and genuine as well as accurate e-mail psychic reading.

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Psychic Tarot Readings are normally carried out within 3-4 DAYS, but I will always try to get your reading done as quickly as possible. At times there can be delays as I work alone and my readings are individual and not computer generated. You will be advised if the wait will be longer for your reading, but I will always do my best to get  your reading to you as quickly as possible.

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